Bridging the Healthcare gap

How GPCareForAll is working to provide
quality healthcare to deprived communities

The availability of good medical care tends to vary inversely with the need for it in the population served

Tudor Hart “Inverse Care Law”

People living in communities with higher deprivation have a shorter life expectancy and are more likely to have multiple diseases earlier in life. In short, people are more in need of good medical care, and yet the same communities often have fewer doctors available to them. 

GPCareForAll is a Dublin based charity that aims to bridge the gap in healthcare provision for those living in areas of deprivation by establishing and managing general practices in these areas.

We understand that setting up a practice can be a daunting and risky venture, and that is why we provide a suite of support services for the practice to be set up and operated. This includes sourcing both medical and administrative personnel and offering ongoing collaboration and innovation to look at ways the service can be improved.

GPCAreForAll offers GPs an attractive renumeration package including competitive salary, pension, and other benefits such as paid maternity leave. Our model removes the burden and risks of setting up a practice from an individual GP. We manage the financial risk and provide all required support services, allowing the GPs to focus on clinical practice. Our research and direct experience have proven that this is an attractive package for all. 

The shortage in medical personnel in Ireland is a significant issue, and GPCareForAll is doing its part to address this issue by providing a solution that benefits everyone. By establishing and managing general practices in areas of deprivation, we are providing quality healthcare to those who need it most.

We believe that healthcare is a fundamental human right and that everyone should have access to quality healthcare, regardless of their socio-economic background.

GPCareForAll currently runs
Summerhill Family Practice

We hope to expand to open more practices
in areas of deprivation within the next 6-12 months.