Explore the values and principles
that guide GPCareForAll’s decision-making
and operations

Board of Directors

GPCareForAll is governed by a voluntary board of directors who are responsible for overseeing the organisations activities and ensuring that it operates in accordance with its mission and values. The board is responsible for setting strategic direction, overseeing financial management, ensuring compliance with appropriate legislation and monitoring the overall performance of the charity. The board have a mix of relevant skills and experience including medical expertise, financial management, fundraising experience and human resources knowledge. The board meets at least 4 times annually.

Policies and Procedures

GPCareForAll has clear policies and procedures in place to guide its activities, including financial management, human resources, health and safety and data protection. These policies are reviewed and updated regularly as needed, and all staff adhere to them. 

Financial Management

GPCareForAll has strong financial management practices in place, including regular monitoring of income and expenditure, budgeting and reporting to the board. The charity has a robust system in place to manage any grants or donations it receives, and all financial records are kept up-to-date and accurate. GPCareForAll are audited annually by an appointed external provider. 

Accountability and Transparency

GpCareForAll is committed to being accountable to our stakeholders including donors, service users and the wider community. We are transparent in our activities, finances and decision-making processes and we communicate regularly with stakeholders to keep them informed. We produce annual reports detailing our activities and finances and these reports are made available to the public. The Trustees and board of GPCareForAll ensure compliance with the Charities Governance Code and all reporting requirements from the Charities Regulator.

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